Representations of flowers thread their way through Eva Wolf-Schliesser’s entire creative period. This motif is an experimental field that she frequently revisits, finding forms and colours while using different techniques.

From a formal point of view, the artist shifts between naturalistic, abstract, realistic and surrealistic modes of expression. In her often sensation-oriented colour compositions, she also consciously uses different colour schemes such as complementary and simultaneous contrasts, which generate characteristic colour effects.

Farnstrauß, 1999. Watercolor on paper, 36 x 45 cm. Photo: H-J Schröder

In Eva Wolf-Schliesser’s floral pictures, early childhood landscape impressions from her native Hallertau resonate: Inspired by the characteristic line structures of the hop gardens, these looping arabesques and organic forms continue through the spectrum of motifs in the flower paintings, creating a fantastic and even surreal effect.

Text: Lena Berkler, M. A.