For Eva Wolf-Schliesser, another central theme is global mechanisation, which embraces humanity worldwide in all walks of life. Both positive and negative aspects of technological developments are controversially discussed on all sides.

Eva Wolf-Schliesser,Handy-Zyklus I, undated. Oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm. Photo: M. Wolf.

The works of Eva Wolf-Schliesser visualise and reflect the web of tensions between man and technology. Time and again, for example, the mobile phone is portrayed in Eva Wolf-Schliesser’s various motifs, thus addressing the inevitable change in communications within our society. In these works, from a formal point of view, painterly realism as an artistic design medium comes up against the aleatoric use of colour, whereby the realm of the surreal is incorporated: two diametrically opposed design media which in combination create an almost hyper-realistic pictorial language.

Text: Lena Berkler, M. A.