My name is Amina Nour Yassine „Nourya“, 32 years old. living in Germany since three years. A single mother for a two years old boy and an abandoned dog. Lebanon is my original land, but I grew up between Beirut the city and Bekaa the country.

Also  lived some of my childhood in Turkey. This played an important role in nourishing my artistic imagination living between three different cultures. Since early age my interests were about arts. so my studies was fine arts and graphic design.

In my life l embrace one of the principles of sufism where I find it the shoreline of my soul and dreams from which my art starts and ends for that aesthetics is the ultimate goal that I seek to reach in everything I create.

Aesthetics is the ultimate goal that I seek to reach in everything I create. If we aim to introduce beauty as an existential concept, we find that we need to search for it . In most times beauty is not clearly exposed or appeared in things but it is hidden in the spirits of beautiful details requiring an excessive effort to show it.

Revealing beauty requires detailed exposing effort to unveil each valuable beautiful detail. In my works style  of painting you can catch a combination of more than one art school; collage, pop art, embroidery, calligraphy and sometimes impressionism.. and always I intend to show colours and elements in a dimensional ways in different colours sizes and multiple thicknesses. For me, the spectrums are not what they look like for the body is more beautiful. 



„Beirut in Heidelberg“, two strong and tall cities. Heidelberg looks like its castle that absorbs its colours from the roots of this town.  Beirut, her shining nights and glittery sea, are here now, in the paintings, that they can see the swans and the beautiful river!